Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bench Tops, Tiles and Photos

The cladding work has been at a stand still, don't know where they are or why they aren't on our job they packed up and left lunch time Friday and haven't been seen since. Positive - not at lock up stage until the cladding is done so the money gets to stay in the bank longer. Negative - the scaffolding stays up longer and excavation work for the pool gets delayed again. I know it will get done eventually but I find it difficult to comprehend why they start something and don't finish it when it only looks like there is a days work left to get it completed. I know they get scheduled to do other jobs and can't be in two places at once but still....hang on oh let me do a double take what's that up on the scaffolding......could it be...yes it is it's the cladding team.

And well pardon me for thinking nothing had been happening on site. Inside is a very different story... the chippie has finished all the skirting and architraves and put shelves in the wardrobes, linen cupboard and butler's pantry. The floors have been cleaned (to a degree anyway), the floor and wall tiles have been delivered and are now taking up most of the garage and the team from a marble and granite company were there installing the Cesarstone bench tops. They were in the middle of doing the island bench for the kitchen when we arrived but had already finished the bench tops for the bathroom vanities and the rest of the kitchen.

Yummy they look beautiful and very luxurious. We went for a colour called ice snow which as the name suggests is mainly white, but it has small off white to grey flecks in it which goes really well with the cupboard colours and hopefully the tiles we picked from the standard range. As the bench tops were part of the promo package we only had 5 colours to choose from but luckily we really liked this one.

The tilers have started the wet areas today, the rest of the flooring will not be done until after painting which will be starting in a bout a week. The doors for the study have been delivered and installed, we went for a fixed glass panel and a big slider with translucent glass, really smiko (no photos yet sorry). And our SS said we can keep the bricks, we just need to put a note on them saying "leave for owner" and move them out the way. Hmm that's going to be fun just the two of us and a wheel barrow through the mud.

Update:- yes you wont believe your eyes but our house should be finished in about 9 yes 9 that's nine count them 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 weeks!!!!!! No way 9 weeks plus 13 weeks (already gone) makes 24 weeks wow that is one speedy build. Better start repacking our things... We were given that information straight from the horses mouth the construction manager (CM) was on site and that was what he told us.

By the way we asked him if he knew why the builds in Vic and NSW take so long and he told us that the CMs from up here had gone down to find out why and to try and rectify the situation so that things can be sorted out. I know that doesn't help you guys who have had 40+ week builds but it looks like Metricon realise that there is a huge problem down south and have sent the Queensland boys to show them how its done. Might make a difference to those of you just starting out, it will be interesting to see if things improve.

Photo time:
Cladding In Progress

Gas Lift Cabinet
Miles of Tiles

Butler's Pantry Bench Top and Sink

Shelving in Butler's Pantry

Yummy Kitchen Bench Top

Vanity With Caeserstone

Manhole and Architraves

Cladding and Flashing Over Garage

Hollywood Robe Master Bedroom (we don't have this many clothes!!!)

Capping on Balcony

Linen Cupboard Shelves

Island Bench Awaiting Waterfall Edges


  1. Hey..same stone benchtop as ours. It's amazing how big the island bench looks as soon as the top goes on!

    You do have a fast build. Ours has slowed down a little now. There were a couple of mistakes with our vanity cupboards which have to be fixed, but our supervisor is on to it. Our tiling is done, just need the door handles, taps, etc so we should be in mid-October but we don't have a date yet.

    We're in Mebourne and our contract has a completion date of April 2012; we started in Feb 2011. We've had really good progress on our build so we're really happy and have a fantastic supervisor.

  2. I love your colour choices. kitchen is looking awesome.

  3. re: build time

    I think it has something to do with the weather that the southerners get. They don't call it the sunshine state for nothing.

  4. Sadly it wasn't the weather that held our build up!

    Wow - things are really progressing at your place - how exciting!! Love your choices, everything is looking fantastic :)

  5. Looking Fab! and yes sooo quick! Mind you once you get the keys the harder times that come with the build seem to fade away! Enjoy the progress:)

  6. Hi I am new to the blog....just a few questions:
    what splash back did you go for....super clear?
    Have you got the alarm Installed from metricon?..

  7. The main spalshback in the kitchen is a window so we can see out into the garden when we are cooking etc. There will be a small piece of coloured glass either side (see colour selections post). We have had the securtiy and home network data package from M as it was a good deal as part of the neo dusk promo that was on when we put down our deposit. Can't comment on it yet though as at them moment it is only a bunch if wires hanging out the wall.