Saturday, December 31, 2011

In Glorious Colour

Picasa has a glitch but I have found another way to upload pictures so here they are:

The New Sofa from King Furniture - Will Be Getting A New Rug Too

Another View

Simply Add Water

Pool Light Before Being Fitted - 8 Different Colour Combinations

The Steps With Edge Tiles

Nearly Ready For The Hose

Wall Needs Rendering and The Garden Needs Plants

Garden Levelled, Top Soil In and Garden Edgers In Place

More of the Garden
The Thing From The Swamp!! Looks Yacky


Ahhh My New BBQ

Pool Cleaner In Action - The Water Looks Much Clearer and More Blue Now


Plants In and Look How Blue That Water Is

The Plants Look Lovely

Once They Grow They Will Be a Beautiful Backdrop To The Pool

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Spent a lovely hour this afternoon putting in a few plants in the garden bed by the pool, I was chief hole digger, sandy and I were co-planters and our boy was head waterer and watering can filler. Thankfully even though our soil is mainly clay it does break up easily enough to get the spade through and plants in without too much effort. I hear powdered or liquid gypsum added to the soil helps to break it down more so we will definitely be investing in some of that to help with drainage in the garden. The plants look lovely even though at this stage they are relatively small and you can't really see them over the block wall yet. Its amazing what a difference some soft landscaping makes. Now we just need some mulch and about 100 more plants!!

I'm having trouble uploading photos to my computer again so "sorry nothing to see here."

Here are some of the shots we have used as inspiration instead:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No Rest For New Home Owners

We had a brilliant Christmas day, despite the weather forecast for heavy showers it was a gloriously sunny and hot day. We opened a few presents, had a late breakfast, went for a walk, opened a few more pressies, had a swim erm more like plunge, in the pool - there hasn't been much sun to warm it up yet, then did a lovely lunch of prawns, fish, fish cakes, salads and dips and home made jelly to follow. A another session of presents - we get lots of little things for our son then watched a movie, played some board games then had a light diner to end a perfect day.

Boxing day - we have been forecast 4 dry days so it's now or never if we are going to seal the granite paving in our outdoor area so for the umpteenth time we move the furniture and BBQ off the pavers and rolled the area with 2 coats of sealer which took most the morning with 2 hours between coats - wow that stuff stinks. The plus side we now have sealed pavers that will not get stained the negative it can't get wet for 24 hours so even though its 33 degrees and the pool looks very inviting there is going to be no swimming until later today. Oh well can't have it all so we decided to go to a garden centre on the other side of town and pick up a few plants to put in the garden bed by the pool. The plants are currently sitting outside by the garage and I must say it makes a big difference to how the garden looks to have some additional soft landscaping (all be it temporary). Not sure if we should plant them before they come to render the pool wall or after?

Oh and for all of you who'd like to know the pool is pale blue......hmm I have to admit its not that bad and yes I can probably live with it if the pool company can simple accept that perhaps they did make a mistake. We'll see what unfolds.

I will post pictures later in the week. Today we are heading up to the Sunshine Coast for the day, yippee beach here we come!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Preparing For Christmas

The BBQ has been assembled, the outdoor room pavers have been cleaned and are now awaiting dry weather before being sealed, new outdoor furniture has been purchased in the sale from Freedom and will be delivered early in the New Year, pool handover has been completed, the pool lights are connected we have 8 different colours to choose from and even a disco setting (cool), the retaining wall will be rendered approx 5th Jan and the chemicals and pool cleaner are still working away so we may get to see the final water colour in a few days time. It actually sounds like it will be clear blue like being at Whitehaven beach in the Whitsundays which I would be able to live with I think. I wrote a very open and gentle letter to the pool people explaining our disappointment at them not delivering what we had asked for and they have now mellowed slightly, saying enjoy you pool over the holidays and lets discuss it further if you are not happy with the end result which is better than where we were a few days ago.

Most of the Christmas food shop is done, just the fish and seafood to get this morning. There are a few presents under the tree and we are beginning to relax and unwind after what has been a massive year for us. We  sold our home, moved house twice, built a house, ran a small business with its many ups and downs through a very difficult year financially, and raising a family - glad to say we made it with our sanity intact and are very satisfied with everything we have achieved this year. Would we do it all again? Of we had to yes as we have really loved the build but in truth we wouldn't do it again for a long time but I do have my eye on a little weekender in Northern NSW (dream on as there is no money left in the kitty at this stage!).

Hopefully the weather brightens up and we get a few warm sunny days as I would really like to have a quick swim in the new pool. I have has a paddle but its not the same.
Seasons Greetings To You All. And A Joyful 2012. Those of you who have moved in to your new houses wishing you many love filled years in your home and those of you who are still building enjoy the process and hopefully you'll be getting handover dates soon.

Resort Style 3 Seat Sofa in Graphite x2

Resort 9 Piece Dining Set Graphite

Resort Lounge Table Graphite

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pool Update

The chemicals are currently running through the pool as we speak, still not sure what the end water colour will be! But now the boss has admitted that he has found those samples that we were talking about so that it could be possible that we saw them and had picked one out. However he is not taking any responsibility or accepting that it was possible that he wrote it down wrong etc so if we do want to change the finish we would be landed with a bill to remove the pebblecrete and re prep the pool plus the cost of the glass finish which he has now oh so generously (detect the sarcasm?) rounded down to $6500. I suspect he is feeling a tiny bit guilty as originally it was $7k. There is no way we are paying any more money for the pool and especially to someone who has proven can't own up to getting it wrong. We would have been happy to split the expense 50/50 but that isn't even an offer that is on the table right now.

The pool lights need to be wired up, the waterfall wall rendered and the technician is to  come out tomorrow to run through the handover of the pool so we know how to maintain it. The excitement factor is completely gone for me at the moment but I'm sure that will change once the warm weather returns and we are lazing around in the water.

We finally managed to get the BBQ we wanted from Masters even if it did mean Sandy making a trip out to the Morayfield store as they were the only place that had one left in stock. Oops and double ooops as when she got there it didn't fit in the car.....fortunately they just unpacked it for her and spread the bits around the boot and back seats. Now we have to assemble it and attach the gas bottle ready for our Christmas weekend series of BBQs. Now I'm excited!!!

The turf is looking great and yes our water bill will be massive this quarter. Filling the pool, watering in the lawn and all the plants in the nature covenant, pressure washing the drive and pool pavers plus general household use. Now we need to get some plants for the back garden and water those in as well. Then in the new year we want to put in some raised beds and start a veggie patch so you've guessed it that will mean using even more water! Good job they have lifted water restrictions here is SE Qld.

Now I'm off to move some paving slabs and put a BBQ together before going to work.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stuck With It

After lots of heated discussion it looks like we are stuck with the finish on the pool unless we pay another $7000 to upgrade to the glass finish that we know we choose even though it is not written down anywhere. The pool company are not even saying that it is possible that they could have made a mistake and the boss from Queensland Family Pools blatantly lied saying he doesn't even carry the samples of the glass finishes in his case. Funny that when we saw them when he came for his consultation. he knows he has stuffed up but is too arrogant and stubborn to admit it and obviously it is our fault for not double checking and knowing what it was we ordered. I pointed out to him then if he doesn't carry the glass samples with red in it how did we know it existed and that that is what we thought we had decided on when we had never seen it in the first place? He had no answer to this. I despise liars and people who can not admit that yes perhaps a mistake has happened.

We are not trying to get something for nothing we just wanted the finish we know we picked. We are kind of backed into a corner now as there isn't another $7k in our budget as the bank were covering the cost of the pool in our loan so I guess the only option now is to see what the water looks like once the chemicals are run through it today and move on with life. Hopefully it is dark blue and not pale as I can probably life with that. Lesson to self - don't simply trust that because someone is good at making pools that they are good with paperwork and transferring what was discussed on to your contract. I'm more annoyed at myself than anything because all along I had a feeling something wasn't right but I let it go rather than pursuing it and now its come back to bite me on the bum. Fingers crossed we like it once its all done, however I do feel like holding back the final measly $1000 just to be spiteful but that isn't the true me at work. I did tell him that I know and really he knows that he has stuffed up and that karma will take care of it.

On a more positive note the lawn has been laid by the turf company and looks beautiful, what lovely guys there were too. Sandy slightly over ordered what we needed so we have got lawn in places we didn't intend to but for now but it does look lovely and will keep the weeds at bay. Now we simply have to give it a good watering in so lots of fun to have playing in the sprinklers.

It's going to be a very low key Christmas, a quite one at home some simple food and plenty of rest, taking time to enjoy our new home and even the pool!! Oh but we better buy and assemble the BBQ from Masters first.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Too Good To Be True

Well we get home this weekend and the pool is full of water but........................ it's not looking the correct colour it's very green....start to worry a little bit......have another look this morning in the it's still the wrong colour....feeling disappointed and starting to get paranoid.......send of email to pool company.......get email back "don't worry once the chemicals go in it will be the lovely shade of BLUE you asked for.......BLUE! BLUE! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BLUE!?.........panic get angry get super angry......IT IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK call to pool company..............AAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHH they have put the wrong finish on the pool it is written in the contract incorrectly.......AARRGGHHH AGAIN!!!

I explained that it is not up to us to know what finish gives what colour water and we have to trust they have it right.......NOT HAPPY AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?....... the big boss is not back until lunch time as he is mid flight coming back form Melbourne. So we are no quietly stewing in our own juices with a pool full to the brim of water (at our expense) with a finish we did not ask for.

Can they take it off and re do it or are we stuck with it now?

I am devastated I didn't want blue, its simple ruined it for me if it can't be rectified I never want to look out of my windows again! (Milking it now) - I'm not that upset but it will take a lot to get over it if it can't be changed- I'm also unsure how we go ahead from here as it is our word against theirs I think we what can do because its in the contract and we signed it but it is not what we agreed to at the time when we planned the pool. Help and suggestions anyone?

Really Dark Finish Like This Is What We Wanted

Friday, December 16, 2011

What A Busy Day

It was a big day yesterday. The rain clouds threatened we got some drizzle and in the surrounding suburbs it rained and rained and rained but somehow over our house despite the dark clouds we had a miracle and it stayed dry. Thank you God.

The bobcat arrived early and started leveling out the ground. He then had to make a quick detour to help a guy in another digger a few blocks away as he got himself severely bogged and almost tipped over. Luckily t was all sorted very quickly and he was soon back to work on our site. The top soil got delivered and this was spread around now making a lovely level site ready for lawns and garden beds to be done today and Monday.

Around lunchtime the sofa from King furniture arrived. We now have a spare sofa so the plan is to move the little sofa from upstairs to my office at work and put the old family sofa in the leisure room. Should be fun carrying those up and down! (Hmmmm).

2.30 and the pebblecrete crew turned up. We were their forth job of the day and they were there until 6pm just go go go. Not a very talkative bunch but they got the job done. Initially the pebblecrete looked like pea green soup until they washed it off and now it looks slightly pale green with flecks of black and red. It really looks like a pool now.
The waterfall wall is yet to be rendered and we a wondering if they do that before they fill the pool with water which would make more sense than waiting until after.

Today the pebblecrete gets acid washed and then the process of filling the pool begins. It will take up to two days to reach the desired level so by Sunday it should be full to the top. Chemicals and pool start up is then scheduled for next week. The weather forecast isn't brilliant but Christmas and Boxing day they are forecasting sun so we make take the plunge very quickly just so we can christen the pool.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Want To See More

Great Swimming Pool But Its Actually On The Other Side Of The House

The Drain Must Be Blocked!

Our Lovely Retro Stair Light

From Upstairs Now

Night Lights

And Again

The Living Room

Living Room - Our Old Furniture Fits Perfectly

From A Different Angle

Frameless Pool Fence

Closer View

Privacy Fence Also Hides Water Tank

Fence and Tiles In Pool

Other Side Of The Fence With Pool Gate Lock

View From The Kitchen

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fences, Pool Gate ..... Swimming?!

After resigning ourselves to the fact that the pool will not be ready for Christmas we got a call from the pool builder telling us that if the weather holds our pebblecrete will be done this Thursday 15th Dec. Apparently another job they are on is not ready for action so we have been bumped up the list. On site today there is a frenzy of activity as everyone is scrambling to get the fences around the pool finished by the end of today so the certifier can come tomorrow and hopefully give us the thumbs up for Thursday. Its mad I tell you, we have mud and bogs everywhere and we are all putting tarps down so the work can be done without getting mud on the pavers and the fencing. The boys have been pushing hard and the latest up date is that the glass fencing is finished and the aluminium slat fence should be done by lunchtime. Awesome job. I will post pictures once I have some.
Get your togs and goggles at the ready!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Swimming By Christmas?

We might be in our pool if the rain holds off or eases up long enough to firnish the pavers. They had it 80% finished yesterday then the fencing is scheduled to start Monday but everyone is behind due to the weather. If the pebblecrete gets done on the 22nd as planned at least we can put water in throw in some chlorine a have a swim. The pool guys will then come in the new year to do the chemical set up for real. Here's hoping for some warm sunny days as we also have booked the bobcat, top soil and turf to come this week.

Telstra finally connected the phone and the technician came out to look at the oven, it was a loose wire to the fan so it wasn't cooling down- nice simple fix thankfully.

We are starting to list things for our 90 day service - so far its only minor things like stains or marks on the paintwork but there is one thing that has me confused the toilets full and half flush buttons are on different sides in our toilet to the others so I'm not certain they have been fitted properly, this will be going on the list.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Happy Snaps

Concrete Mixer Or Is That What Sandy Used To Mix The Muffins?

Fancy A Swim?

Which Tile To Choose?

The Wall Is Up Ready For The Waterfall

This Wall Will Be Rendered and Painted And A Garden Bed Is Behind It

Spike Mailbox from Frontyard Art

The Spade Makes A Good Support While The Concrete Goes Off

Rainbow Christmas

Paper Dove From IKEA

Woow Its Beautiful

The Blinds In The Master Suite - We Had The Same Throughout

Close Up Of Blind

Our Son's Room - He Loves Red

Coping, Pavers and Waterfall Chanel

Close Up

Its Looking Great Granite

Yet To Be Grouted