Sunday, September 11, 2011

Get Down! Pipes

Did the usual drive by the house as we can't bear to be away from it for more than a day and low and behold they've put the down pipes on. We stayed with the standard range which are square and actually look alright now they are on the house. It is wierd trying to pick things from samples in a showroom. The down pipes are colorbond dune and match in well with the exterior colour schemes.
Portico Side On With Down Pipe

Garage Down Pipe - Now Its On Its Not So Ugly Still Would Have Been Nicer On The Side

Square Profile - Standard Inclusion

They've Had Another Coat of Stain

Front Door With Additional Stain

Motar Drop Out There's A Few Of These To Patch

Build progress on other sites is zooming along. Glad no one is building directly next to us yet as it really makes it a squeeze for the trades and deliveries when two houses are being done side by side. Some bickering has broken out with accusations of your builders trucks have cracked our crossover and everyone is driving across my block and so on but what do you expect its a building site and if you had already started your build your trades would be doing the same on someone elses land. I just smile and swiftly move along.

Oh and the bill for fixed stage has arrived.....I told you they all come at once.


  1. Love the colour of your bricks. looks similar to my colour i chose. What colour is this?

  2. Metropolis stone by austral bricks and we love it too thanks