Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flooring Is Spreading

The tiles continue to spread across the floors. From what I can see through the windows there are only a few edges left to lay then grouting can commence.
There was a guy there measuring up for the balustrade for the balcony so obviously that will be coming soon.
No concreters they must be busy doing other jobs, no toilets, showers and baths etc I presume even though I don't know for sure as I can't get to go upstairs to check. Must be happening once the tiles are finished.

The site bin is over flowing and there are piles of building rubbish growing around the site plus someone locally thinks our site bin is their personal dumping ground....I'll be keeping an eye out for them....... I know they have a small dog (tins of dog food) and a child - packaging from toys hmm that should narrow it down.
I can't wait for them to do a site clean again. But for now it is up to us to try and control what mess we can and oh joy its brick moving day to day.

We managed to pick out some really lovely light grey granite pavers for around the pool and in the outdoor room. I would have liked 600 x 300 but the only options were 400 x 400 or 600 x 600, our floor tiles are 400s so we opted to go for the same size to keep the flow and also the 600s are harder to lay. Sandy is still concerned about glare but even the lady in the pool tile shop said the darker ones get really hot. Also we are having quite a dark interior finish to the pool so I feel darker pavers will be too much. I got to have the final say on paver choice as the pool is my baby....... Gulp! I hope it works out ok, oh well too late now.

More flooring pics for those who can't get enough....

Entrance and Hallway

Kitchen Floor

Dinning Room and Family Room To The Back Right

Laundry Floor

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