Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plumbed and Cleaned

The plumbers have been busy here's what they have done so far: the drains are in and connected to downpipes, the water tank and hot water heater have been installed and connected, and toilets, sinks, showers and taps have been fitted.

The tiles have been grouted and the bricks have been cleaned. (I am yet to see these things for myself and have no photos to share).

Now there really doesn't seem very much left to do before we will be moving in.....shower screens, baths, robe doors, air con, appliances, carpets, electrical fittings and concrete drive way. Oh and a bloody good clean!!!!
Better start packing, book Mini Movers and get the storage Pod organised - erm may be we should wait until PCI before getting too excited!!

The pool dig will be tomorrow, have to be on site at 6.30am as they want us there when they mark out the pool position to ensure it is done to our specifications. Then they will concrete it and wait four weeks for it to harden before they pebblecrete etc. Fantastic it should be ready at about the same time as the house completes, perfect timing for summer yippee.

Get some pool fencing, lay some pavers, fence the yard, make a yard, move in, set up home and then.......relax and enjoy sorry that last bit should read buy a puppy and hope it doesn't trash the place!!!! I know who goes to all the trouble of creating a new home simply to fill it with a 5 year old boy and his dog? Simply insane.............

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