Thursday, July 28, 2011

Site Meeting and Bricks Begin

Not much has happened on our house so far this week I have seen occasional signs of a tradie doing something on site, possibly some corrections to the frame but not sure what. However, it has been good to be able to simply pause for breath and have a look what is going on with the other blocks with the neighbours houses. We are enjoying watching their builds progress, working out which room is where, whether it'll be a single or double story, what external colours have been chosen, tiles or colorbond, bricks or render etc etc. It makes quite a fun game...erm really? I must get a life!

Popped by site this morning to find the bricks have been started, the termiglass is down and upstairs is being gyprocked / plaster boarded. The bricks look lovely so far, all 2 rows of them! The colour of the brick really works against the off-white mortar. It will take the brickies about 4-5 days to finish the ground floor and the they will need scaffolding to do the few bricked areas upstairs half of which will be cladding.
The Mortar Mound and Mixer


Gyprocking and Rolling

There's A Ceiling Up There

Bricking The Portico

Called a site meeting with the SS to go over the QA inspection, discuss our concerns (bi fold doors and gas outlet to hob) and also get some feedback as to progress etc. All went well and yes the doors will be dropped as low as possible so it looks like we will only end up with 2-3mm height difference which will be fine. The gas point is in the correct spot as there needs to be an emergency cut off valve that then attached the rest of the piping to the hob. The SS pointed out and explained a few other things to us, talked through when the pool can start, how long bricking will take and then what happens next. All in all a good meeting - feels like we have gotten off to a better start now.

Upstairs most the rooms have been boarded and the frames for the baths are in. Sorry no photos it was getting too late. Off for a quiet weekend down the cost so will not be going back on site for a few days, ta ta until next time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

QA and Fit Stud

The Inspector was on site mid afternoon yesterday carrying out the Quality Assurance Inspection with his trusty can of orange spray paint in hand he has gone around marking up defects, problems and things that are not up to code. We have also spotted something that may be a potential problem but as I have no spray paint we couldn't highlight it. Took some photos instead and will ask the SS if this is really where the gas pipe for the hob should be because right now it is coming out into one of the pot draws!? I feel confident that the QA has been done thoroughly as even small defects like a screw sticking out too far or a protruding edge of metal frame have spotted. From one of the comments I think he finds our house quite sexy! (see photos below).

The french windows have been fitted and we have had a package arrive way ahead of schedule.....
Ooh La La Le Fentestra Francais

How Can You Tell Just By Looking?

Sexy Boy

Sill Not Level You're Telling Me!

Looks Like Pipes and Stuff To Me
Toilet Seat - Quiet Closing and Quick Releasing

Yellow Pipe For Gas (Left) Should Be Where These Wires End?
In the Middle Of The Window (The Right Of Shot)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Feeling Flush

Well we got a call from the Construction Manager (CM) this morning to give us a report and see if we are satisfied with progress etc. I mentioned about our concerns regarding the height of the potential lip on the bi folds. He explained that he hadn't been on site yet but was on his way there. He suggested that it sounds like the sill may be thicker than normal allowance and it will be simply  a case of re hanging the doors so they are dropped lower. Yippee! But .......he did say it might not be possible to get them absolutely flush and they may be up to 4mm proud of the tiles. At this stage I am waiting to have a look at how the frame sits in relation to the floor once they are repositioned before I make judgement. But at least we have the CM's word that they are not going to just be left levitating 4cm above floor height!
If after being moved we continue to feel they are not going to be flush enough then the options they have as i see it is to: put them lower if there is scope to do that, sand some off the bottom of the doors or grind the slab recces deeper to make it work.
Fingers crossed it will all be level.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're Surrounded

We're surrounded by bricks. They must have arrived late on Friday afternoon as when we went to check things out yesterday there they were in neat piles all around the house. I must say I am very pleased with the colour both in the sun and shade which is a good job as we decided not to go for any render. The majority of houses adjacent to the blocks of land have pale to grey renders with colorbond roof and we wanted something different plus the idea of repainting and maintaining render every few years felt like it would be too much effort and cost. Apparently brick is in fashion again so why not show it off. We went for metropolis stone by Austral, which was a category 2 upgrade, with off-white mortar.

The Bricks Have Landed

Nice Here Isn't It - Brick Convention

The Colour In The Shade

The Colour In The Sun

There are piles of gyprock in the garage and the master suite and the coving has also arrived. The builders have swapped the bi folds over so now at least they open the right way but those height issues still remain. From our rough estimates of tile height once laid the door track will stick up by over almost 2cm if left as is there is room to drop it by this amount as i can stick my hand under the gap between the bottom of the door frame and the concrete. Let's hope it all gets rectified tomorrow.

Gyprock Storage Area

Air Con Ducting

Gyprock Storage #2

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Door Detective

This Is What We Want Pleeeeeeasssee
In preparation for the QA on Monday we want as much information as possible to help us resolve the potential issue regarding the mounting of the bi fold doors so that the door track will be flush with the tiles. We have had a recessed slab at an additional cost of $480 so that the doors can be set low enough to achieve a perfect finish with no lip, step or height difference to the flooring. However the doors have been hung very high with packing almost as deep as the rebate in the slab thus negating the rebate and leaving us with a door track that will stick up. The SS seems to think that if they mount it to be flush it will fail QA - so why show them done this way on display and why sell it to us at colour selection if they then won't install it that way? The colour consultant was very specific about the upgrade being worth it so that the door appears seamless and flush so that you wont trip or catch your toes.

After a visit to the display centre detective Sandy can confirm that all their doors are totally at the same level as the flooring, we have photographs to prove it so we know we didn't just imagine it! Also in the images on the Duce website the doors are all shown with door tracks installed flush. Duce are the company that supply and manufacture the doors for Metricon here in Brisbane.
I get that Metricon want to guarantee quality and longevity but we want a home that is functional, practical and beautiful and meets the expectations created by the displays and their consultants.
Flush Door Track

Yep That Is Perfectly Level
Smooth and Lipless

Friday, July 22, 2011

Is That All For Us?

More deliveries came today and some mini crane action was called for as the truck and the team arrived to deliver the gyprock plasterboard panels. The mini crane was used to hoist the boards upstairs through the opening on the master suite balcony. (Now I know why they haven't fitted the french doors yet.) The pile of boards is enormous and judging by how many were left on the truck when I visited it will be even bigger next time I get to pop in.
There was no sign of bricks today but originally we were told they would arrive next week so all is calm in the Western Suburbs.
Mini Crane In Action

Keep Them Coming - Is That All For Our Build?

In They Go

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sparkies and Spaghetti

Phew it's mad down on site can't turn your back for a second. The sparkies are back. There are electrical wires being run everywhere, it looks like we have a spaghetti house. Sandy managed to persuade the electrician to lower the power points in the garage even though he had already run and trimmed the wires, so this meant he had to re do them. Apparently they put them up high (1200mm) because they think you are going to have a work bench or hose the garage floor, at first he said he'd only lower them to 500mm so we could hose. Now I have had a garage for the last 10 years and have never had the urge to hose it once (we have also had water restrictions remember). Sandy explained she sweeps the floor and wants the sockets at standard 300mm - after all it is our house so in the end the electrician agreed. Good job!

The ducting and tubing for the air conditioning is also being installed at the same time so its all go at our place today.

The SS called to give me a progress report and introduce himself as we hadn't spoken with each other yet. After a little chat I mentioned about the the bi folds and he agreed they were installed backwards but indicated that no they would not be flush to the tiles like we had been told at our colour selections. I explained to him that is what we wanted, what we had paid for and how they appear in the display homes. He informed me that the ones in the display homes have several more coats of lacquer on to protect them and he wasn't sure if he dropped them down that they would meet quality assurance. I explained we want what we have paid for and if these means we need to have more coats to protect the wood then so be it. As we have the QA on Monday he is going to check then and get back to me. I also asked if he'd seen the mismatched glass in the bathroom window which he reassured me was no problem, the manufacturers sometimes run out and put in what they have so the windows can be on site in time. It will be changed later.

Some detective work is in order to see if the frames for bi-folds do actually sit flush to the tiles or not so Sandy has driven over to Underwood to take photos, measurements and ask questions with our CSC Greg (a top bloke by the way) who helped us through contract and prebuild. And yes you've guessed it they are totally flush! So if they can do it there we want it on our house - no silly toe stubbing raised bits please.
Does anyone out there have know if it can be done or have bi folds where the tiling or carpet is flush to the frame?

San and Revi - I see you have had your site scrape done. Fantastic.

The other Metricon houses on site will be a soho, a trentham, 2 newhavens and possibly a lindrum next door to us but we don't think it will fit as it is too long. Thanks to Greg for letting us know.

Next: The bricks and gyprock will be delivered tomorrow and the Quality Assessment inspection (QA) will be happening on Monday.

Air Con or Alien

Extractor Vent?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The house is gift wrapped in a lovely shade of blue and sliver. I can't belive how different it looks and how you get to appreciate how much natural light each room will have. Upstairs is still skeletal and will be wrapped tomorrow?
Couldn't speak to the SS yesterday as the letter we recieved from Metricon telling us of the change of management didn't actually have is mobile number on! Oooops. Will give M a call to get his details.
Gift Wrapped

Side and Garage The Door Will Be Painted Jasper

Bi Fold Opening The Wrong Way - It Would Stack Over Picture Window

Cavity Sliding Door Frames For Butlers Pantry and Laundry

The Window - Stipple Left  Wrong and Satin Lite Right and Right!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surprise Surprise

The bi-fold doors have arrived and been installed along with the windows. No mentioned that  so how exciting to see them in all their glory it makes the kitchen/family rooms look amazing. Oh Oh hang on a minute..they have put them on opening inwards when we specifically want them opening to the outside walls so as to look neat and not cover the picture window that we paid mega bucks to have installed. That'll be a call to the new SS for certain. I am also concerned that they have set the bi fold frames too high from floor level. We have paid extra to have them recessed into the slab so that there is no lip or step up from the tiles to the frame which you can stub your toes on and the way they have been hung looks like we will end up with a lip unless our tiles have suddenly doubled in thickness!
The other windows look great .....erm except one. Now can you tell me what kind of person assembles a sliding window with satin lite glass in one half and stippled glass in the fixed half? Err what? That will need altering. But who lets it go from the manufacturers when it is obviously wrong.
We have a couple of minor issues with first fix electrics, looks like one power point is missing and another is too high. The sparkies have been missing in action for sometime so we are hoping this was just an over site but seeing as we need to speak to the SS will be make sure to mention it to him.

Now I have my issues off my chest I can stand back and admire how lovely the windows look and how they frame the views from each room. Enjoy the pictures.

Bi Folds

Kitchen and Dining Room

Looking At Kitchen Laundry and Upstairs Bedrooms

Bi Folds From Outside

Looking In To Family Room and Study

Front - Balcony Doors Yet To Go In

Windows In

I'm at work so haven't actually seen it for myself (no photos for you yet) but the windows have been installed and the back door for the garage is in. Wow they really don't hang around do they, once something is on site it gets installed. That's good though as it means things don't get damaged or stolen. Sandy tells me the house looks excellent so hopefully I'll have chance for a quick look see tomorrow lunchtime so I can check it out for myself and take some photos.

News flash: we have been allocated a new Site Supervisor! From reading other Metricon build blogs this appears to be quite a growing trend and we're hoping that we don't have a whole series of different SS's for our build. Apparently it is because Metricon are now building so many homes here they have endeavoured to give their SS's build close together so they don't have to rush from one side of Brisbane to another to keep an eye on things, which makes sense. Let's hope the new guy is as nice and as organised as the previous one.

The house is progressing beautifully and the whole family is very excited ...... the bricks arrive next week. Yippeeee.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Doors Plus No Fuss

No action on site today but we have had an unexpected delivery ....... the windows, sliding doors, master suite balcony doors and some cavity slider door frames have arrived. Initially we had thought to pick black frames as the colour choice here in Qld was quite limited, no fancy colorbond range for us oh no just black, silver/aluminium, white, a creamy colour and a golden brown which is neither gold nor brown (confused?). Any way when choosing the window frames we had only considered what it would look like from the outside of the house next to the bricks and not what it would look like from inside next to off white walls. Once we had stopped to think about this for a nano second we came to the conclusion that the black would be too much of a contrast inside and could end up looking very heavy so instead went for the silver aluminium. If we had the colorbond range our first choice would have been dune to match with the rest of the external colour scheme.
Now that we have seen the windows made up the silver colour looks alright but it's hard to tell exactly what they will look like until they are installed and the build is further along. Fingers crossed that we made the right choice. The windows including the master suite balcony doors on the front elevation of the house have grey tinted glass as this aspect of the house looks like it will catch the hot afternoon summer sun as it is almost west facing. The other windows are just clear and for the bathrooms and powder room we have a contemporary obscured, translucent privacy glass called satin lite with a pattern made up of very fine lines (an upgrade) rather than the standard dots pattern.

Cavity Sliding Doors (To Be Stained) and Rear Garage Door

Downstairs Windows and Laundry Sliding Door

Upstairs Windows and Balcony French Doors

Kitchen Splash Back Window
The ground floor roof sections on the garage and outdoor room have been tiled and first fix continues slowly.
First Fix Powder Room

Dishwasher and Sink This Will Be In The Island Bench

Bathroom Double Vanity Area

Garage Tiled

Grand Outdoor Room With Tiles

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Progress Pictures

Here's some photos of the build progress so far that we took over the weekend.

Welcome Home

Pivot Door - Will Be Stained Mahogany

View From Hallway

Side On -Taken From Vacant Block

Beautiful Roof Tiles!

From Next Street - That's a Soho Slab

View From 2 Streets Away - Big Isn't It?
Thought it would be fun to get some shots of the house before the other blocks of land are built on as this way we can see what it looks like in all its glory. It was also a great chance to try out my new Canon Powershot HS230 camera.