Friday, September 9, 2011

Sans Scaffolding

Sans = french for without

Today should see the scaffolding come down, it will be the first time we get to really see the house in all its glory. Quite exciting!!!! This weekend will then involve carting 3 pallets of bricks from one side of the block to the other so they are out of the way when excavation works start on the pool. That's 300 bricks per pallet with 2 petite women 1 small boy and 1 wheelbarrow, sounds like one of those maths problems you had to solve e.g if it takes 2 women 1 boy and 1 wheelbarrow 10 minutes to move 50 bricks how long will it take them to move 900 bricks .... answer quite a lot of time!!

Sandy bumped into the SS on site yesterday as he is in charge of a few builds on the estate, the Soho behind us should be finished in 5 weeks as they have the painters in now and 2 more Metricon builds are starting next week. Of 36 blocks I think 10 are now Metricon, 4 Plantation homes, 2 Adenbrooke, 2 McCarthy's and a few different smaller companies. Over half the blocks have had builds started so it all looks very different now, neither of our next door neighbours have started theirs yet though.

The big news from the SS is they will be concreting the driveway and pathways next week.....amazing. Hopefully one of us can be on site to get some happy snaps. I hope it happens Tuesday as our son will be able to watch it all happening otherwise he'll be at kindy and will be upset to miss out. By the way he isn't even 5 yet and his new favorite TV show is the Renovators!!

Promise to post more photos soon.

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  1. You girls are flying! I absolutely love the renovators, although the amount of times they refer to the 'hero of the room" is getting a little tired!

    My fave quote was "Renovating is hard on your body, but sometimes it is hard on your heart!" Classic Baz DuBois!

    Cant wait to see the outside piccies :)