Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nolan 45 Metricon

Images of a finished home? Some photos from the Metricon website to help me envisage what a decorated Nolan could look like. Don't think I'll be adopting the animal head on the wall look though. Now we can feel the end getting nearer we have started to think about what finishing touches we would like to add to the house. Furniture wise we plan to use our existing pieces and build from there, although I have my eye on a couple of additional pieces already!
A new fridge is on the cards (even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with the F&P one we have had for 11 years), we'd like one of those french door versions with the chilled water dispenser, fridge in one half and freezer in the other plus a new TV for the family room nothing too big perhaps a 40-42" screen will be enough.


LG Side by Side Fridge

LG Fridge Open

Furniture wise I would like a to add some easy chairs to the master bedroom and family room and a small table and chair set for our balcony and maybe look at getting a new bed.
Obviously I will need a new BBQ as nothing but the best is going to make it into the outdoor room!
Easy Chairs

Lovely Sofa - dream on

Out Door Setting

Bedroom Ideas

BBQ Mmmm My Mouth Is Watering

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