Tuesday, February 3, 2015

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye....

Its quote ironic that my previous post way back in 2012 was called we are still here as after living in our wonderful Nolan 45 for over 3 years we have decided its time to move on and up. We have loved everything about this house, the layout, the light, huge kitchen, wonderful master suite and on and on I could go. But due to our location it lacks on thing and that is a view. Since building work is complete on the surrounding blocks we feel slightly hemmed in and began talking about moving around 6 months ago. First we tested the waters by going to opens in our local area as we love our suburb and the school of son goes to so didn't want to look at leaving the area.

We decided it would be a good investment to move a rung up the property ladder and buy something more expensive while the housing market is flat.
Now while we had seen some lovely homes none of then held a candle to our beautifully designed and planned for our family Metricon Nolan.

In early November we viewed a large older style home on a very big block and decided it would be something we could renovate and possible sub-divide at a later date. However, there was intense interest and we learn we had been pipped to the post by about $25,000. Money we simply couldn't raise as we were not only at the top of our budget but past it.

Funny how things turn out though, the next day our real estate agent rang to tell us a contract had fallen through on a house she felt would suit us perfectly. Excited we tee'd up a view for later in the week. 

Well we weren't to be disappointed, it's not often I walk into a house and find myself saying 'wow'. But this house wowed me, from the huge expansive living ares, 4 car garage and master suite the size of a small apartment I was impressed. the add to that the piece de resistance - a river view!

And the rest is history - offer made and accepted and our Nolan on the market and sold within a matter of days. People just know a well built and well designed home when they see one.

So its a frenzy of packing and we move in less than 3 weeks.
Are we sad to be going - we'd be lying if we said no but it is time for the next adventure and project and to have room for our family and friends as our son grows.

So as a final farewell here are some photos of our home....