Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where Is Everyone?

So we were expecting a lot of activity at the house this week but where is everyone? There are no tilers, no concreters, no plumbers, no electricians, no painters, no cleaners.....nobody. What? Eh? The SS told us the fixings, tiling and driveway would be done this week, I wonder if he got mixed up and was looking at his diary for next week when we had our chat on Monday?
Any how there is no point getting stressed I simply find it odd that not a single person, tradie or delivery has been seen.
That's not entirely fair as we have more roof tiles and some have been replaced where they got broken on the garage roof and we have a glass splashback in the kitchen. Otherwise nothing, nada, rien, nichts, niente, nulla...... not a thing! You know they'll all turn up on site today now that I've had a mini whinge.

Beam Over Outdoor Room Painted Jasper (Colorbond Range)

More of the Beams

Glass Splashback (Taken Through The Window - Does It Look Wonky?)

1 comment:

  1. Yep - something there looks wonky to me too ;)

    Place is looking great girls, cant wait to see the finished product!