Thursday, September 15, 2011


Had a peek through the windows as the glad wrap is now down so they must be done with spray painting. I like the colour we picked for the wall it is a pale grey-brown and looks quite different to the white of the ceiling and cornices. It is fairly obvious that there are more coats of paint required as you can still see the unevenness in colour coming through from the plasterboard.

We will have to take a trip to Bunnings as according to the people who manufacture the robe doors the paint colour we have chosen is not available in the metallic range so now we have to choose one that is. Glad they picked up on it and didn't just choose something that they thought would be a close enough match.
Will let you know what we decided on once we have had 5 minutes to pop out for sample chips.

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  1. No one stocks colour samples for taubmans metallic paints quite a waste of a morning going from one hardware store to another then google-ing. Spoke with Metricon and they said they would orgainse to send colour samples for us even if they have to get the from Regency who are doing the doors.