Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Quiet Lull Descends

The build has hit a point where nothing appears to be happening in comparison to all the recent activity of the last couple of weeks where everything was happening at once. There was no sign of progress with the cladding yesterday despite the weather being glorious but we think some more architraves may have been done upstairs. We were locked out so tried peering through the windows, even went up the scaffolding to see if anything had been done in the bedrooms.

Left Overs?
I do have a question though.....there are about 7 stacks of bricks that haven't been used does anyone know if we get to keep them as they'd be great for landscaping retaining walls etc. Any ideas?


  1. If it's on site, you get a chance to keep it. You just need to put a sign on it saying "PLEASE LEAVE FOR OWNER". They will dispose upon next site clean, if you don't say anything. We had about 4-5 stacks of bricks left after our build, we made the decision at the last moment to let them take it, as it would have taken up too much room. they just dumped it into a dump truck and disposed of it. A total waste if you ask me.


  2. Thanks Jay
    I will make up some notes and mention it to the site supervisor. I get the feeling we've paid for those bricks any way and it would be a shame to see them dumped when we could use them instead.

  3. We had approx 4 pallets left over. The supervisor asked me if I wanted them, otherwise they'd be taken away the next site clean. I just had to move them around the back, so of course I said yes. They'll be used for some low retaining walls once I learn how to lay bricks! Can't be that hard. LOL!! I also check out the rubbish cage to see what I can scavenge! Building is such a wasteful process sometimes. We had to have our vanities replaced, so the old MDF tops we just left to be thrown out. I grabbed these so I can use to build desks for the kids bedrooms. They'll need tops, but at least I can use this as the frame. They also threw out the off cuts when they installed the hanging rails in the wardrobes. There was enough left over to add an additional rail under the current ones to double hanging space! I know, this stuff is cheap anyway, but it will save a trip to Bunnings, and I'll do it sooner rather than later if I have the materials now!! :)

  4. I used some off cut ceasarstone for cutting boards too.


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