Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And Now For The Next Bit

Being locked out is mildly frustrating as we haven't been able to check on progress but after a call from our SS we can confirm that painting is completed and that fixing and floor tiling is about to commence. By fixing they don't mean repairs they mean fixing things in place like shower screens, baths and toilets, taps, and electrical fittings including lights, switches power points etc. We're not really sure how long these things take and know the water tank, air conditioning unit, water heater and carpets will then also need to be attended to, however the SS did mention that by the end of this week he might be able to look at an approximate Practical Completion date!!!!! I can't quite believe that our house is going to be finished soon it seems like it only just started a few weeks ago.

The pool construction is due to start  a week on Thursday so it's going to be a very busy site again over the next few weeks. Hopefully I can sneak out from work for long enough to get some photos and actually see for myself what has been done.

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