Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ready for Paint

Late afternoon yesterday we had a quick drive by of the house to survey what has been done. For us it's no longer the block as so much has been completed and it's beginning to feel like our home. We were locked out so had to make do with looking through the windows, try it it gives you a whole new perspective of your build...... like isn't our family room/kitchen/dining area enormous! And wow those doors look incredible etc etc.

Anyway.....The cladding is finished and the painter has only the front section on the balcony left to paint. The paint colour is dune to match the garage door and goes beautifully (or so we think) against the bricks and the roof tiles. But when are the bricks getting cleaned and the scaffolding coming down? [We want to get construction on the pool commenced and can't until the scaffolding has been moved].
Inside more doors have been stained and hung and the wet area tiles have been grouted. Which means that is must be time to start painting the interior. My understanding is that painting will take approximately 6 weeks to complete. I  think I may have that totally wrong and it may mean that there or around 6 weeks or so until the house is complete hmm I think the SS said that once painting starts its only 6 or 7 weeks until the finish date. Do I sound confused? Moving along....
So it's painting next and afterwards comes the floor tiles, carpets, lights etc etc. Followed by practical completion inspection (PCI) and then handover. We are psychologically preparing ourselves to be moving house in November.

Will have to delay posting photos as they weren't very good through the dust and dirty glass.

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