Sunday, May 8, 2011

Colour Schemes

Interior and Exterior Design - The Colour Schemes

Thought it was time to share what colour scheme we have gone for. As you will see it is mainly greys and browns accented with whites and off whites. We have purposely kept it quite simple so we can add splashes of colour after the build is complete with things like feature walls, wallpaper, soft furnishings, artwork etc etc.
  • Carpet sisal circuit (from carpet call at studio M) similar to this one
Range Sisal Colour Ciruit
Laminate for kitchen benches and butler's pantry 
  • 2 Pac laminex polar white for base cupboards along outside wall
  • island bench, appliance tower, over head kitchen cupboards and laundry blackened linewood natural finish (as above picture)

  • bench tops and island waterfalls ice snow caeserstone, this will also be the bench top for powder room, bathroom and ensuite
  • laundry bench top laminex stipple seal
  • powder room, ensuite and bathroom brescia

  • paint colour taubman crystal gazing (off white)

  • glass splashback Bristol Mortar 
  • glass wardrobe taubmans abstract metallic

  • timber stairs and door frames walnut
  • exposed aggregate driveway bushfire

  • exterior metropolis stone bricks, charcoal linea roof tiles, monument gutters and facia, dune downpipes and garage, dune water tank and cladding, silver window frames (had orginally decided on black but then felt they would look too dark against the off white walls from inside the house).

External Colour Scheme

Pictures from our trip to studio M showing tiles, laminates, handles, paint colours for walls, splash backs and glass wardrobe.

The Interior Colour Scheme


The pale tiles are for the floors, white for the laundry splashback, the browns for the walls in ensuite, bathroom and powder room with a similar one for balcony area, the dark grey is the feature wall in the showers.

Kitchen handles red label upgrade additional $12 each (sorry about the flash glare)
Yellow Label handle for laundry and bathrooms (standard range)


Tile samples

Our Tiles


  1. I think your colours are lovely. We've gone very neutral too...easy to add colour and then change when you feel the need!

  2. I love all of your colours! I was thinking all along the same lines too!!! We must have the same great taste :) Looking forward to seeing it all come together...

  3. Love your colours :-) looking forward to seeing it all come together.

  4. Thanks for your comments, it's strange to think we won't see what these tiles and cabinets will actually look like for some months

  5. Hi girls can you please tell me what colour you painted the portico - you posted a pic of one of the pillars - side on view- its rendered in a dark greeny / grey colour - it looks very resort next to green plants. What is this lovely colour?