Monday, September 5, 2011


The tilers are continuing with the floor to ceiling tiles today in the wet areas which includes the showers and sides and edges around the bath. I'm really liking are tile choices, I think the bathrooms look smart and cozy all at the same time and I can't wait to be in there having a long soak in my bath with my essential oils and candles. We only have a shower at our apartment and it really doesn't do it for me. The tilers have also done the floor on the balcony area of the master bedroom, they are a similar colour to the wall tiles in the bathrooms. As I was checking things over I noticed a couple of tiles had slipped so I was teasing them about the joins not been straight in the bathroom so one of them came and pushed them back into line for us. They were only a couple of millimeters out but he agreed they needed to be perfect - nice guys, very professional and good fun.

The plasterer was in Saturday morning (and boy was he grumpy!!) finishing under the stairs and taking the cornices in the bathrooms off. Unfortunately he did the ones in the toilets too and the tiles are only a skirting in those so he'll have to come back and put up some new ones! I couldn't see any sign of a door for under the stairs will have to check that with the SS again.

The timber doors and bi folds are being stained mahogany and the painter will start painting for real tomorrow. The timber looks quite striking now it is more of a contrast against the white walls.

We asked the SS if we could have another row or two of tiles for the butler's pantry and he said if there are enough  tiles on site he will get the boys to do it. There was an extra pack of tiles in the garage and a few more had been stacked on the bench in the pantry so I think they will have enough to do that for us. Excellent.

So what is left to do?
Exterior cladding to complete
Water tank
Hot water system
Air con
Baths and showers plus screens and taps
Tiling and carpets
Concrete for drive and paths 
and I think that is it...... oh my goodness it's going to be finished before we know it.!!!

Doors Stained

Under Stairs Boarded - Where's The Door?

Tiles in Bathroom Shower - Recess Will Be In The Dark Tile Too

Smart Tile Drain In Shower

Bath Surround Tiled

Balcony Tiles

In Close Up

Ensuite Tiles - Are You Sure They Are Straight? Teasing!

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