Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Enclosed Stage

The build has officially reached enclosed stage (even though the cladding isn't completed) and now it's time to pay a significant amount of money to Metricon. The enclosed stage works out at around one third of build cost from memory and a quick calculation with my grasp of basic maths. That's 35% of build cost for those of you who don't like fractions.
This is the first time we have to get the bank involved as they need to pay a small contribution to cover this bill. Luckily the guys at St George have been awesome so we feel very confident that all will go to plan. Sadly it means out personal funds are now gone and our bank balance no longer looks very healthy - time to try and start saving again as there will be so much to buy and pay for post build.

The next stage to be completed is fixing stage which will be another 20% of build price and somehow that doesn't seem far off.

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