Friday, September 16, 2011

Smells Like Paint

Couldn't get in again but when you walk around the outside the house smells of paint so I know they have been in there doing more work. The rear garage door has had a primer coat applied prior to being painted jasper from the colorbond range. Here's hoping we made the right decision with that as the dune looks great and I am now wondering if we should have simply had dune on all the exterior areas. The beams over the outdoor room will also be jasper so fingers crossed.

I have noticed a few more brick colour defects these ones have a reddish patch so I will have to speak to TC the SS about whether these can be replaced or not. I haven't seen any chipped ones but then again it's almost impossible to see the bricks higher than about 2-3m off the ground. Binoculars anyone?

The plantation build next but one lot over looks finished, I can see red dots stuck on the walls and skirting so they must have had their PCI, I wonder when they will be moving in? The soho behind us looks like it is about 2 weeks from being ready and all the other builds are progressing nicely. The weather is glorious so I hope it stays that way ready for our concrete pour as preparation for the driveway is due to commence.

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