Saturday, September 10, 2011


The house now stands proud on our block in all its glory no longer hidden behind the scaffolding beams. How amazing it's like seeing the house for the first time, everything looks so different.

I have spotted a few discoloured areas on the bricks where the appear to have bled and created dark patches which have run into the mortar. I'm not sure if this will clean off or whether these bricks may need replacing? There are also a few broken roof tiles on the outdoor room and garage which will need changing. In a way I'm pleased about that as they will need to order more roof tiles and hopefully there will then be some spare ones left over should we need to fix up any cracked tiles in the future. (Originally we had about 15 left over but some kids had been on site and smashed them up.)
Oh by they way we have no temporary fencing even though in our site fees it states supply and install 130 lineal meters of temporary fencing. I will be seeing if we will be refunded for this as it has never been supplied or installed.

The painters have been busy applying more coats of stain to the front door and bifolds and other than that there is nothing else to report so here's some pictures for you.

Ta Da The House In All Its Glory

Look No Scaffolding - We LOVE It

View From Back Garden
View From Where The Pool Will Be

Discoloured Bricks and Mortar

Broken Tiles on Garage Roof

Ensuite Vanity and Shower

My Bath Surround Tiles

Looking In From Master Suite - There Are Cavity Sliders With Translucent Glass On Here

The Advertising Shot - Taken By Our Son Aged 4

Silver Tile Edgers an Upgrade But So Worth It Not To Have White Plastic

Family Bathroom

The Ensuite - Shower and WC

Double Doors We Had Added To Close Off Family Room From Hallway


  1. It is coming along nicely, love the massive outdoor room. Not long now to the finish.

  2. Thanks San and Revi
    I see your frame is up,soon there will first fix, bricks and boards before you know it. Your steel frame looks great. Do you know why they used wood on the end of your roof trusses though?

  3. We opted for the resort facade, so exposed rafter tails as a feature all the way around. It seems to be a fair bit of work, as JF has allocated a whole two weeks for this. This puts the roof into the 3rd week of September. We'll come and say hello next time you guys are around. San