Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Want To See More

Great Swimming Pool But Its Actually On The Other Side Of The House

The Drain Must Be Blocked!

Our Lovely Retro Stair Light

From Upstairs Now

Night Lights

And Again

The Living Room

Living Room - Our Old Furniture Fits Perfectly

From A Different Angle

Frameless Pool Fence

Closer View

Privacy Fence Also Hides Water Tank

Fence and Tiles In Pool

Other Side Of The Fence With Pool Gate Lock

View From The Kitchen


  1. I'd be abit concerned about that water pooling near the house. The last thing you would want is your founation heaving. When the certifiers and council sign off, this is under the assumption the drainage works properly.

  2. Yes I know what you are saying, the drain was actually blocked with silt, mud and leaves. Soon drained away once we emptied it out and cut a channel thru the mud to help direct the water. the land levels are all uneven at the moment which doesn't help. Hopefully it wont be a problem once the top soil and grass is done