Monday, December 5, 2011


Sorry for the lack of photos so far, there seems to be some strange glitches with my computer, Picasa and my memory card. Photos disappear or simply wont import so I will have to try again from work today if I get time.

Anyway the blinds are up and look fantastic, much nicer than cardboard! and you can pull them up to look out the window, great to be able to appreciate the views from our balcony across the fields. It's a lovely spot to sit and watch the sunset or rather it would be if we had some chairs to sit on! Add those to the wish list.

Sunday was spent digging a hole and mixing up some concrete so we could erect our new postbox. It took us several attempts to work out the angles and which bit should be level but it the end I think we made a very decent job. It also helps that you can get bags of ready mix concrete from the hardware store simply add water and mix - just like baking a cake!
Following lunch it was time to put the tree up for our very first Christmas in our new home. Rainbow lights, hearts and doves are the theme for this year and I must say that it looks quite beautiful (you will have to imagine it for yourself until I can resolve the photo issues).

If the weather holds today the coping and pavers for the pool will start and the driveway will be cleaned and treated prior to sealing. Fingers crossed for dry weather but the forecast is for showers. Doesn't nature know we want the pool ready for the Christmas break!

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