Saturday, December 31, 2011

In Glorious Colour

Picasa has a glitch but I have found another way to upload pictures so here they are:

The New Sofa from King Furniture - Will Be Getting A New Rug Too

Another View

Simply Add Water

Pool Light Before Being Fitted - 8 Different Colour Combinations

The Steps With Edge Tiles

Nearly Ready For The Hose

Wall Needs Rendering and The Garden Needs Plants

Garden Levelled, Top Soil In and Garden Edgers In Place

More of the Garden
The Thing From The Swamp!! Looks Yacky


Ahhh My New BBQ

Pool Cleaner In Action - The Water Looks Much Clearer and More Blue Now


Plants In and Look How Blue That Water Is

The Plants Look Lovely

Once They Grow They Will Be a Beautiful Backdrop To The Pool


  1. I can see why you wanted the black finish on the pool - it would have looked very dramatic against the grey paving and dark grey fence. The blue still looks inviting though and once the plants grow above the wall the colours will look great :)