Friday, December 16, 2011

What A Busy Day

It was a big day yesterday. The rain clouds threatened we got some drizzle and in the surrounding suburbs it rained and rained and rained but somehow over our house despite the dark clouds we had a miracle and it stayed dry. Thank you God.

The bobcat arrived early and started leveling out the ground. He then had to make a quick detour to help a guy in another digger a few blocks away as he got himself severely bogged and almost tipped over. Luckily t was all sorted very quickly and he was soon back to work on our site. The top soil got delivered and this was spread around now making a lovely level site ready for lawns and garden beds to be done today and Monday.

Around lunchtime the sofa from King furniture arrived. We now have a spare sofa so the plan is to move the little sofa from upstairs to my office at work and put the old family sofa in the leisure room. Should be fun carrying those up and down! (Hmmmm).

2.30 and the pebblecrete crew turned up. We were their forth job of the day and they were there until 6pm just go go go. Not a very talkative bunch but they got the job done. Initially the pebblecrete looked like pea green soup until they washed it off and now it looks slightly pale green with flecks of black and red. It really looks like a pool now.
The waterfall wall is yet to be rendered and we a wondering if they do that before they fill the pool with water which would make more sense than waiting until after.

Today the pebblecrete gets acid washed and then the process of filling the pool begins. It will take up to two days to reach the desired level so by Sunday it should be full to the top. Chemicals and pool start up is then scheduled for next week. The weather forecast isn't brilliant but Christmas and Boxing day they are forecasting sun so we make take the plunge very quickly just so we can christen the pool.


  1. The weather was a fantastic blessing! It's getting so close to the Christmas 'christening'! I hope it all goes to plan over the next few days! Soooo envious! Can't wait to see the pics and live vicariously through them!

  2. Hi Nat. We are a very blessed family indeed. We will keep adding photos as the house evolves. This blog has been such a great way of keeping track of our build and will be something we look back on in years to come. Our build has been brilliant from start to finish and now we are enjoying making our home. Hoping for time over the holidays to buy some bits and pieces to decorate and dress the rooms. I would also like to start planting the back yard.