Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No Rest For New Home Owners

We had a brilliant Christmas day, despite the weather forecast for heavy showers it was a gloriously sunny and hot day. We opened a few presents, had a late breakfast, went for a walk, opened a few more pressies, had a swim erm more like plunge, in the pool - there hasn't been much sun to warm it up yet, then did a lovely lunch of prawns, fish, fish cakes, salads and dips and home made jelly to follow. A another session of presents - we get lots of little things for our son then watched a movie, played some board games then had a light diner to end a perfect day.

Boxing day - we have been forecast 4 dry days so it's now or never if we are going to seal the granite paving in our outdoor area so for the umpteenth time we move the furniture and BBQ off the pavers and rolled the area with 2 coats of sealer which took most the morning with 2 hours between coats - wow that stuff stinks. The plus side we now have sealed pavers that will not get stained the negative it can't get wet for 24 hours so even though its 33 degrees and the pool looks very inviting there is going to be no swimming until later today. Oh well can't have it all so we decided to go to a garden centre on the other side of town and pick up a few plants to put in the garden bed by the pool. The plants are currently sitting outside by the garage and I must say it makes a big difference to how the garden looks to have some additional soft landscaping (all be it temporary). Not sure if we should plant them before they come to render the pool wall or after?

Oh and for all of you who'd like to know the pool is pale blue......hmm I have to admit its not that bad and yes I can probably live with it if the pool company can simple accept that perhaps they did make a mistake. We'll see what unfolds.

I will post pictures later in the week. Today we are heading up to the Sunshine Coast for the day, yippee beach here we come!!!

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