Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pool Update

The chemicals are currently running through the pool as we speak, still not sure what the end water colour will be! But now the boss has admitted that he has found those samples that we were talking about so that it could be possible that we saw them and had picked one out. However he is not taking any responsibility or accepting that it was possible that he wrote it down wrong etc so if we do want to change the finish we would be landed with a bill to remove the pebblecrete and re prep the pool plus the cost of the glass finish which he has now oh so generously (detect the sarcasm?) rounded down to $6500. I suspect he is feeling a tiny bit guilty as originally it was $7k. There is no way we are paying any more money for the pool and especially to someone who has proven can't own up to getting it wrong. We would have been happy to split the expense 50/50 but that isn't even an offer that is on the table right now.

The pool lights need to be wired up, the waterfall wall rendered and the technician is to  come out tomorrow to run through the handover of the pool so we know how to maintain it. The excitement factor is completely gone for me at the moment but I'm sure that will change once the warm weather returns and we are lazing around in the water.

We finally managed to get the BBQ we wanted from Masters even if it did mean Sandy making a trip out to the Morayfield store as they were the only place that had one left in stock. Oops and double ooops as when she got there it didn't fit in the car.....fortunately they just unpacked it for her and spread the bits around the boot and back seats. Now we have to assemble it and attach the gas bottle ready for our Christmas weekend series of BBQs. Now I'm excited!!!

The turf is looking great and yes our water bill will be massive this quarter. Filling the pool, watering in the lawn and all the plants in the nature covenant, pressure washing the drive and pool pavers plus general household use. Now we need to get some plants for the back garden and water those in as well. Then in the new year we want to put in some raised beds and start a veggie patch so you've guessed it that will mean using even more water! Good job they have lifted water restrictions here is SE Qld.

Now I'm off to move some paving slabs and put a BBQ together before going to work.


  1. If you still don't like the water colour in a couple of weeks time I would definitely be asking the question of splitting the bill 50/50! I can't believe it was all falling into place so well, getting all prepped in time for Christmas :(

    Still, from someone who doesn't have a pool (poor deprived Victorian who can't justify the cost...and work...for a small season) I love an inviting crisp blue pool on a hot day! My fingers are crossed for you that it's at least a darkish blue!

  2. Hi girls, have an awesome Xmas and a happy new year. It's been great watching your progress and we are looking forward to being your new neighbours in the new year. San & Revi