Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fences, Pool Gate ..... Swimming?!

After resigning ourselves to the fact that the pool will not be ready for Christmas we got a call from the pool builder telling us that if the weather holds our pebblecrete will be done this Thursday 15th Dec. Apparently another job they are on is not ready for action so we have been bumped up the list. On site today there is a frenzy of activity as everyone is scrambling to get the fences around the pool finished by the end of today so the certifier can come tomorrow and hopefully give us the thumbs up for Thursday. Its mad I tell you, we have mud and bogs everywhere and we are all putting tarps down so the work can be done without getting mud on the pavers and the fencing. The boys have been pushing hard and the latest up date is that the glass fencing is finished and the aluminium slat fence should be done by lunchtime. Awesome job. I will post pictures once I have some.
Get your togs and goggles at the ready!

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