Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Happy Snaps

Concrete Mixer Or Is That What Sandy Used To Mix The Muffins?

Fancy A Swim?

Which Tile To Choose?

The Wall Is Up Ready For The Waterfall

This Wall Will Be Rendered and Painted And A Garden Bed Is Behind It

Spike Mailbox from Frontyard Art

The Spade Makes A Good Support While The Concrete Goes Off

Rainbow Christmas

Paper Dove From IKEA

Woow Its Beautiful

The Blinds In The Master Suite - We Had The Same Throughout

Close Up Of Blind

Our Son's Room - He Loves Red

Coping, Pavers and Waterfall Chanel

Close Up

Its Looking Great Granite

Yet To Be Grouted


  1. Wow it's so great seeing some of your photos! Hope you are enjoying your new home!