Thursday, December 29, 2011


Spent a lovely hour this afternoon putting in a few plants in the garden bed by the pool, I was chief hole digger, sandy and I were co-planters and our boy was head waterer and watering can filler. Thankfully even though our soil is mainly clay it does break up easily enough to get the spade through and plants in without too much effort. I hear powdered or liquid gypsum added to the soil helps to break it down more so we will definitely be investing in some of that to help with drainage in the garden. The plants look lovely even though at this stage they are relatively small and you can't really see them over the block wall yet. Its amazing what a difference some soft landscaping makes. Now we just need some mulch and about 100 more plants!!

I'm having trouble uploading photos to my computer again so "sorry nothing to see here."

Here are some of the shots we have used as inspiration instead:

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