Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stuck With It

After lots of heated discussion it looks like we are stuck with the finish on the pool unless we pay another $7000 to upgrade to the glass finish that we know we choose even though it is not written down anywhere. The pool company are not even saying that it is possible that they could have made a mistake and the boss from Queensland Family Pools blatantly lied saying he doesn't even carry the samples of the glass finishes in his case. Funny that when we saw them when he came for his consultation. he knows he has stuffed up but is too arrogant and stubborn to admit it and obviously it is our fault for not double checking and knowing what it was we ordered. I pointed out to him then if he doesn't carry the glass samples with red in it how did we know it existed and that that is what we thought we had decided on when we had never seen it in the first place? He had no answer to this. I despise liars and people who can not admit that yes perhaps a mistake has happened.

We are not trying to get something for nothing we just wanted the finish we know we picked. We are kind of backed into a corner now as there isn't another $7k in our budget as the bank were covering the cost of the pool in our loan so I guess the only option now is to see what the water looks like once the chemicals are run through it today and move on with life. Hopefully it is dark blue and not pale as I can probably life with that. Lesson to self - don't simply trust that because someone is good at making pools that they are good with paperwork and transferring what was discussed on to your contract. I'm more annoyed at myself than anything because all along I had a feeling something wasn't right but I let it go rather than pursuing it and now its come back to bite me on the bum. Fingers crossed we like it once its all done, however I do feel like holding back the final measly $1000 just to be spiteful but that isn't the true me at work. I did tell him that I know and really he knows that he has stuffed up and that karma will take care of it.

On a more positive note the lawn has been laid by the turf company and looks beautiful, what lovely guys there were too. Sandy slightly over ordered what we needed so we have got lawn in places we didn't intend to but for now but it does look lovely and will keep the weeds at bay. Now we simply have to give it a good watering in so lots of fun to have playing in the sprinklers.

It's going to be a very low key Christmas, a quite one at home some simple food and plenty of rest, taking time to enjoy our new home and even the pool!! Oh but we better buy and assemble the BBQ from Masters first.


  1. So sorry to hear about the pool and the fool who made the mistake and is now lying to save face. I cannot stand lying or people who cannot admit that they are wrong. This man is both and I whole-heartedly agree with your sentiment that Karma will get him. It may take time, but it always happens. I have seen it happen many times. On the positive side, at least you have a pool which I know you will enjoy and make your own, and for that it will be magnificent :)

  2. I hate liars too. I wouldn't like to pay your water bill this quarter. A pooling and a daily watering of the lawn. It's going to be a big one.