Thursday, December 1, 2011

How's It Going?

Well it's been 2 weeks since we moved in and so far the house is going really well. We are mostly unpacked and are now deciding what additional furniture and bits and pieces we need. After a good and rather ruthless sort out we have a lot more items to sell on ebay as we felt that some of our old things no longer worked for us.

Up until yesterday we have had no glitches then one of our ovens which was having its second use became possessed and over heated, the display/control screen went blank and the muffins for our son's birthday nearly cremated. Being unable to find a power switch for them inside the house we had no choice but to switch it off at the circuit breaker in the meter box. The exterior of the oven was boiling hot as was the work bench and cupboards around it. Pretty worrying! I managed to speak to the SS and he said there should be a power point behind the drawers in the workbench - there is but there is nothing plugged in to it! Anyway he is coming round today to replace the dodgy microwave trim so he can have a look for himself then. We will have to call Techinika today to get it attended to. Psycho oven aaarrrggghhh.

The blinds for the windows are ready and will be fitted tomorrow. Yippee no more attractive cardboard curtains. Once they are in the place will look quite different. We went for roller blinds in a brown/grey tone to match our carpets and colour scheme and will probably add some curtains in the master suite at a later date. The family room is so open plan with very large windows and bifolds so we didn't want any window treatments in that space - we may change our minds once the houses either side get built but only if we feel too over looked.

Exciting news on the swimming pool front. The tilers are running ahead of schedule so will be coming to do our coping and paving from today, 5 days earlier than arranged. Amazing, fantastic, brilliant. It now looks very promising that the pool will be completed before Xmas and we wil be swimming and relaxing in it over the holiday period. That's if the weather holds and we don't get torrential rain and if the fence gets installed as planned and everything is certified and signed off.  Nah it'll be fine don't know what we are stressing about!

The driveway is aggregate and as we want it to look its best and last a long time we are having it sealed with a polyeurethane treatment that gives it a glossy wet look finish and really shows off all the different colours. It also protects the drive and makes it easy to keep clean. The treatment we have gone for is more expensive than a normal sealer but lasts twice if not three times as long so actually works out cheaper over the long run. That will take place on Monday and Tuesday next week as they have to pressure clean the drive and then apply two coats of product. Should come up really nice. We have also booked them in to seal the garage floor in the new year - this involves them grinding back the top layer of concrete to remove the powdery layer at the top and expose some of the aggregate below.

The other project that we would like to get completed before Xmas is to get some top soil, grass and garden beds made up and then we can relax a bit before starting with planting. It seems like this will come together as we are using the same person who did our native plants - we are waiting for the final quote and then it will be action stations.

Telstra were supposed to be coming to connect up our landline today but this has been delayed due to works in the area - as of yet I don't have a new date for this. I absolutely hate dealing with Telstra it is so painfull and long winded and now I have to call them again to rearrange a new installation date. Hopefully our modem will be here soon though.

Phew there is a lot going on and a lot to do but it feels great. I have been emailing all our firends and family telling them how much we love our home. I hope that feeling never wears off.

We will be celebrating our boy's 5th birthday here on Saturday and have his Nana coming to stay for the weeked, we are excited about having our first house guest and having a weekend off from house projects. The Christmas tree will be going up on Sunday to add to the magic and I will hopefully be able to post some photos for you.

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