Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pool Works

The tilers have started paving around the pool, the coping has been completed and the wall plus waterfall slot has also been finished (sorry the problem with photos continues). The light grey granite looks fantastic now we are wondering what colour to pain the wall once it's been rendered, the pool itself once pebblecreted will look almost black so not sure whether to go light or dark or have a splash of colour. Any suggestions?

The driveway got super pressure washed and scrubbed but as the weather forecast is a bit iffy with showers and rain forecast the sealers are going to wait for a spell of fine weather before applying the polyurethane coating as rain would spell disaster. Hopefully it is set to brighten up next week.

The fencers are coming Thursday to put up the privacy screen around the water tank and across one end of the pool. And the pool fencers are coming to do our frameless glass pool fence on Monday. Yippee then we need the pool certifier out as soon as possible so we get get the pool pebblecreted and filled with water ready for swimming over Christmas.
The tilers will take about 5 days to finish paving the whole of our outdoor room but as that is under cover rain is not an issue, however if we get more than showers then the schedule for pools and fences is all off as they can't do the pavers in heavy rain!

The technician is coming from Technika today to look at our crazy oven so let's hope its something simple.
Telstra rescheduled our phone installation as they were doing works in the area and so on Thursday we should get our landline. Just waiting for the ADSL modem to arrive now and then we can have more reliable internet.

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