Saturday, December 24, 2011

Preparing For Christmas

The BBQ has been assembled, the outdoor room pavers have been cleaned and are now awaiting dry weather before being sealed, new outdoor furniture has been purchased in the sale from Freedom and will be delivered early in the New Year, pool handover has been completed, the pool lights are connected we have 8 different colours to choose from and even a disco setting (cool), the retaining wall will be rendered approx 5th Jan and the chemicals and pool cleaner are still working away so we may get to see the final water colour in a few days time. It actually sounds like it will be clear blue like being at Whitehaven beach in the Whitsundays which I would be able to live with I think. I wrote a very open and gentle letter to the pool people explaining our disappointment at them not delivering what we had asked for and they have now mellowed slightly, saying enjoy you pool over the holidays and lets discuss it further if you are not happy with the end result which is better than where we were a few days ago.

Most of the Christmas food shop is done, just the fish and seafood to get this morning. There are a few presents under the tree and we are beginning to relax and unwind after what has been a massive year for us. We  sold our home, moved house twice, built a house, ran a small business with its many ups and downs through a very difficult year financially, and raising a family - glad to say we made it with our sanity intact and are very satisfied with everything we have achieved this year. Would we do it all again? Of we had to yes as we have really loved the build but in truth we wouldn't do it again for a long time but I do have my eye on a little weekender in Northern NSW (dream on as there is no money left in the kitty at this stage!).

Hopefully the weather brightens up and we get a few warm sunny days as I would really like to have a quick swim in the new pool. I have has a paddle but its not the same.
Seasons Greetings To You All. And A Joyful 2012. Those of you who have moved in to your new houses wishing you many love filled years in your home and those of you who are still building enjoy the process and hopefully you'll be getting handover dates soon.

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