Monday, December 19, 2011

Too Good To Be True

Well we get home this weekend and the pool is full of water but........................ it's not looking the correct colour it's very green....start to worry a little bit......have another look this morning in the it's still the wrong colour....feeling disappointed and starting to get paranoid.......send of email to pool company.......get email back "don't worry once the chemicals go in it will be the lovely shade of BLUE you asked for.......BLUE! BLUE! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BLUE!?.........panic get angry get super angry......IT IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK call to pool company..............AAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHH they have put the wrong finish on the pool it is written in the contract incorrectly.......AARRGGHHH AGAIN!!!

I explained that it is not up to us to know what finish gives what colour water and we have to trust they have it right.......NOT HAPPY AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?....... the big boss is not back until lunch time as he is mid flight coming back form Melbourne. So we are no quietly stewing in our own juices with a pool full to the brim of water (at our expense) with a finish we did not ask for.

Can they take it off and re do it or are we stuck with it now?

I am devastated I didn't want blue, its simple ruined it for me if it can't be rectified I never want to look out of my windows again! (Milking it now) - I'm not that upset but it will take a lot to get over it if it can't be changed- I'm also unsure how we go ahead from here as it is our word against theirs I think we what can do because its in the contract and we signed it but it is not what we agreed to at the time when we planned the pool. Help and suggestions anyone?

Really Dark Finish Like This Is What We Wanted


  1. Oh dear, it would have been helpful to actually see the samples before they started. Just like a studio M colour selection, you know what you get.

    I had a similar problem with engaging a guy to cover-crete our concreted alfresco. The finished colour looks ugly and was not what I choose. Not much I can do, as I told him I wasn't happy with it, and he gave me a discount.

    Maybe that is what you can do. Alternatively allow you to swim in it for Christmas, then they can come back drain the pool and remove the finish and relay it again, and fill it, at their costs. They will call a water tanker.

  2. How devastating! I hope they agree to refinish the pool for you at no cost - and refill it!

    I've never seen a black finish on a pool - do you have a pic to post which shows what you were after?

  3. We are now in negotiations but they are still firmly trying to put the blame back on us unless somewhere in the paperwork it shows we asked for the midnite finish and that in was included in the price. The boss however went pretty quiet when I reminded him that he choose the colour that would suit what we wanted when he came and did a home visit and consultation with us and that we had never been to their office to pick our own sample as he told us it was all arrranged. I will see if I can add a picture for you