Thursday, July 28, 2011

Site Meeting and Bricks Begin

Not much has happened on our house so far this week I have seen occasional signs of a tradie doing something on site, possibly some corrections to the frame but not sure what. However, it has been good to be able to simply pause for breath and have a look what is going on with the other blocks with the neighbours houses. We are enjoying watching their builds progress, working out which room is where, whether it'll be a single or double story, what external colours have been chosen, tiles or colorbond, bricks or render etc etc. It makes quite a fun game...erm really? I must get a life!

Popped by site this morning to find the bricks have been started, the termiglass is down and upstairs is being gyprocked / plaster boarded. The bricks look lovely so far, all 2 rows of them! The colour of the brick really works against the off-white mortar. It will take the brickies about 4-5 days to finish the ground floor and the they will need scaffolding to do the few bricked areas upstairs half of which will be cladding.
The Mortar Mound and Mixer


Gyprocking and Rolling

There's A Ceiling Up There

Bricking The Portico

Called a site meeting with the SS to go over the QA inspection, discuss our concerns (bi fold doors and gas outlet to hob) and also get some feedback as to progress etc. All went well and yes the doors will be dropped as low as possible so it looks like we will only end up with 2-3mm height difference which will be fine. The gas point is in the correct spot as there needs to be an emergency cut off valve that then attached the rest of the piping to the hob. The SS pointed out and explained a few other things to us, talked through when the pool can start, how long bricking will take and then what happens next. All in all a good meeting - feels like we have gotten off to a better start now.

Upstairs most the rooms have been boarded and the frames for the baths are in. Sorry no photos it was getting too late. Off for a quiet weekend down the cost so will not be going back on site for a few days, ta ta until next time.

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