Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Roof Tiles R Us and Building Grants

The roof tiles were delivered yesterday, boxes and boxes of them. In fact there are so many that they are all over our land and the blocks either side of us! That has to be an advantage of being one of the first to build, you get to put your stuff wherever there is space. So it would seem that the next stage is the roof going on.

Our next door neighbours on the right as you face the house will also be building with Metricon, their board is up, I wonder which home they have opted for? That makes 6 Metricon homes out of 36 blocks now they must be after World domination or something, or perhaps the quality of their displays and amazing choice of great designs makes them a popular choice.

Attention prospective new home builders or buyers in Queensland - the Qld government announced in the budget that they will be introducing the new build homes building boost grant which is valued at $10,000 for anyone signing a contract to build between the dates of 1st August 2011 and 31st January 2012. This also applies for anyone buying off the plan. The idea is to give a boost to the construction industry by encouraging people to go for a new build property over one that has already been occupied.
To qualify the cost of the house and land must be no more than $600,000. At this stage it is not clear how they are valuing the land but it may go on the rateable value, which is actually less than the market value or purchase price for land.
For further information go to the Queensland Government page Building Boost Grant Queensland


  1. Once the tiles are on, it will really start to look like a home. Looking forward to seeing some pics!

  2. Blink and you'll miss the building of your home! Speeding along.