Friday, July 22, 2011

Is That All For Us?

More deliveries came today and some mini crane action was called for as the truck and the team arrived to deliver the gyprock plasterboard panels. The mini crane was used to hoist the boards upstairs through the opening on the master suite balcony. (Now I know why they haven't fitted the french doors yet.) The pile of boards is enormous and judging by how many were left on the truck when I visited it will be even bigger next time I get to pop in.
There was no sign of bricks today but originally we were told they would arrive next week so all is calm in the Western Suburbs.
Mini Crane In Action

Keep Them Coming - Is That All For Our Build?

In They Go

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  1. That is why they charge you an arm and a leg for site works, to cover the cranage. Imagine if you didn't have the room on your block for crane access, poor chippies would have to cart each individual sheet up by hand.