Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surprise Surprise

The bi-fold doors have arrived and been installed along with the windows. No mentioned that  so how exciting to see them in all their glory it makes the kitchen/family rooms look amazing. Oh Oh hang on a minute..they have put them on opening inwards when we specifically want them opening to the outside walls so as to look neat and not cover the picture window that we paid mega bucks to have installed. That'll be a call to the new SS for certain. I am also concerned that they have set the bi fold frames too high from floor level. We have paid extra to have them recessed into the slab so that there is no lip or step up from the tiles to the frame which you can stub your toes on and the way they have been hung looks like we will end up with a lip unless our tiles have suddenly doubled in thickness!
The other windows look great .....erm except one. Now can you tell me what kind of person assembles a sliding window with satin lite glass in one half and stippled glass in the fixed half? Err what? That will need altering. But who lets it go from the manufacturers when it is obviously wrong.
We have a couple of minor issues with first fix electrics, looks like one power point is missing and another is too high. The sparkies have been missing in action for sometime so we are hoping this was just an over site but seeing as we need to speak to the SS will be make sure to mention it to him.

Now I have my issues off my chest I can stand back and admire how lovely the windows look and how they frame the views from each room. Enjoy the pictures.

Bi Folds

Kitchen and Dining Room

Looking At Kitchen Laundry and Upstairs Bedrooms

Bi Folds From Outside

Looking In To Family Room and Study

Front - Balcony Doors Yet To Go In

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