Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Progress Pictures

Here's some photos of the build progress so far that we took over the weekend.

Welcome Home

Pivot Door - Will Be Stained Mahogany

View From Hallway

Side On -Taken From Vacant Block

Beautiful Roof Tiles!

From Next Street - That's a Soho Slab

View From 2 Streets Away - Big Isn't It?
Thought it would be fun to get some shots of the house before the other blocks of land are built on as this way we can see what it looks like in all its glory. It was also a great chance to try out my new Canon Powershot HS230 camera.


  1. All is looking fantastic! Your front door looks AMAZING!!!

  2. Gorgeous! It really is BIG! Imagine how wonderful it will be to have all that space :)

  3. It looks huge! Coming along so well! Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks everyone. Yes it is Big, we were supposed to be downsizing but got carried away but we are looking forward to all the space and different living areas.