Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Door Detective

This Is What We Want Pleeeeeeasssee
In preparation for the QA on Monday we want as much information as possible to help us resolve the potential issue regarding the mounting of the bi fold doors so that the door track will be flush with the tiles. We have had a recessed slab at an additional cost of $480 so that the doors can be set low enough to achieve a perfect finish with no lip, step or height difference to the flooring. However the doors have been hung very high with packing almost as deep as the rebate in the slab thus negating the rebate and leaving us with a door track that will stick up. The SS seems to think that if they mount it to be flush it will fail QA - so why show them done this way on display and why sell it to us at colour selection if they then won't install it that way? The colour consultant was very specific about the upgrade being worth it so that the door appears seamless and flush so that you wont trip or catch your toes.

After a visit to the display centre detective Sandy can confirm that all their doors are totally at the same level as the flooring, we have photographs to prove it so we know we didn't just imagine it! Also in the images on the Duce website the doors are all shown with door tracks installed flush. Duce are the company that supply and manufacture the doors for Metricon here in Brisbane.
I get that Metricon want to guarantee quality and longevity but we want a home that is functional, practical and beautiful and meets the expectations created by the displays and their consultants.
Flush Door Track

Yep That Is Perfectly Level
Smooth and Lipless


  1. Fight it all the way. I don't know why he would say it wouldn't pass QA. He just doesn't want to admit he's wrong. He could just pack it at the top instead of the bottom. But then they would have to hide it, the height difference of the bifolds should have been higher by the depth of the rebate it seems. So the did a bodgy just to cover their mistake.

  2. I agree that it looks like a cock up and they are simply fobbing us off. Don't worry we will not let it go until we are satisfied it is done how we want it.

  3. Good on you - make sure you jump up and down to get what you want and have paid for! If they "sell" it they should provide it!

    We were told they don't "do" the tracks recessed into the slab here in NSW anymore and the reason I was given was thats its just too hard with all the different flooring choices. Or they are just too lazy!! The Sydney displays we have visited all have the doors sitting flush with the flooring..

    Turns out our SS actually went to the trouble of lowering ours after I told him the height of our flooring which was fantastic (I didn't ask him to do it) - which meant plaster and paint fixes for Metricon so I was thrilled. The lip between floor and doors is now very very minimal.

    Good luck!