Monday, July 25, 2011

Feeling Flush

Well we got a call from the Construction Manager (CM) this morning to give us a report and see if we are satisfied with progress etc. I mentioned about our concerns regarding the height of the potential lip on the bi folds. He explained that he hadn't been on site yet but was on his way there. He suggested that it sounds like the sill may be thicker than normal allowance and it will be simply  a case of re hanging the doors so they are dropped lower. Yippee! But .......he did say it might not be possible to get them absolutely flush and they may be up to 4mm proud of the tiles. At this stage I am waiting to have a look at how the frame sits in relation to the floor once they are repositioned before I make judgement. But at least we have the CM's word that they are not going to just be left levitating 4cm above floor height!
If after being moved we continue to feel they are not going to be flush enough then the options they have as i see it is to: put them lower if there is scope to do that, sand some off the bottom of the doors or grind the slab recces deeper to make it work.
Fingers crossed it will all be level.

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