Monday, July 4, 2011

It Looks Like a House

Lots more activity on site finishing the framing and attaching scaffolding so that roofing can commence. Also some guys were out with a digger making a trench to connect us up to the electricity supply. They did a very respectful job and left the area looking as good as new. Shame all tradies can't be that neat, we could start a recycling business with the amount of cans and wrappers those boys leave behind. Is it too much effort to put things in the bin?!!
The gutters have been delivered, they are colourbond monument and we picked a standard profile so as not to have to pay an upgrade price but we are happy with how they look.
The couple of areas of frame that were damaged and twisted have been replaced without us even having to mention them so that's very promising. We are umming and arring about getting and independent inspection done for the frame. Any suggestions?
Roof Scaffolding

Looks Sturdy

From Family Room Into Kitchen and Dining Area

View From Front Door - Like Our Staircase?

Gutters - They Seem A Bit Low Wouldn't On The Roof Be Better?
Not sure what happens next but I guess we might get some windows and roof tiles.

Apparently the house behind us will be a Soho and looking at their site scrape the house will not be directly behind ours so we will have no issues with privacy or loss of natural light coming through, brilliant.


  1. Its looks great! We were going to get an indpendent inspector for every stage but have decided to just get one for the final inspection. Up to you guys, I think its a good idea though for every stage..just a bit costly.

  2. Hmm decisions decisions, I think the cost factor will mean that we might look at only doing an inspection at the final stage as the budget is pretty tight