Monday, August 1, 2011

More Gyprock and Bricks

Steady progress continues to be made on site. The bricks are slowly creeping higher and higher and I must say they are doing a lovely neat job. This is good as the bricks we have chosen are fairly porous with a slightly textured surface which means they have to be careful not to get mortar all over them otherwise it will get stuck in the bricks making it really difficult for them to clean up when the time comes.
The whole house is nearly fully plaster boarded and looks completely different. We are still waiting for the bi fold doors to be re-hung (for the second time) so have told the brickies they are not allowed to work around them yet otherwise they will be having to pull bricks off and start again, sadly this message fell on deaf ears with the gyprock crew so it looks like they will have to re-do the area above the doors when the time comes.
The outside power point in the outdoor room has been set very high (it seems 1200mm is very popular in these spaces and garages for some reason) as it is it would be staring you in the face while you were sitting out there so we have asked for this has to be dropped as low as possible to make it more discrete. Other than that everything is going very smoothly, the weather is glorious and no rain is forecast for days so all bodes well for the build to continue on schedule.
Bricks Climbing Higher

A Closer Look

From Kitchen Side of House

The Front





  1. Wow... Metricon has really made great progress at ur house. It seem going at a much faster speed compare to our house. Do u mind me asking what is ur guarantee built time?

    Great to see good progress!

  2. Hi Sam
    We don't have a guaranteed build time just a loose idea that it will take approx 26 weeks which we though was super speedy given that other people in blog land have taken over 40 weeks. Yes after a slow start it is going up really fast now. We are 2 months in to the build.

  3. I love your brick colour, what is the colour called?

  4. The bricks are by Austral bricks from the metropolis range the colour is stone