Tuesday, July 26, 2011

QA and Fit Stud

The Inspector was on site mid afternoon yesterday carrying out the Quality Assurance Inspection with his trusty can of orange spray paint in hand he has gone around marking up defects, problems and things that are not up to code. We have also spotted something that may be a potential problem but as I have no spray paint we couldn't highlight it. Took some photos instead and will ask the SS if this is really where the gas pipe for the hob should be because right now it is coming out into one of the pot draws!? I feel confident that the QA has been done thoroughly as even small defects like a screw sticking out too far or a protruding edge of metal frame have spotted. From one of the comments I think he finds our house quite sexy! (see photos below).

The french windows have been fitted and we have had a package arrive way ahead of schedule.....
Ooh La La Le Fentestra Francais

How Can You Tell Just By Looking?

Sexy Boy

Sill Not Level You're Telling Me!

Looks Like Pipes and Stuff To Me
Toilet Seat - Quiet Closing and Quick Releasing

Yellow Pipe For Gas (Left) Should Be Where These Wires End?
In the Middle Of The Window (The Right Of Shot)


  1. Hi, just stumbled onto your blog recently. We are also building with Metricon and looks like we are just a couple of months behind your build. It's nice to see what we can expect next and things to look out for :)

    Keep up the good work. Feel free to visit my blog also at http://www.ojlucido.com/ :)


  2. By the way where are you building. It's lookin really good so far

  3. We are building just outside of Toowoomba