Monday, July 18, 2011

Doors Plus No Fuss

No action on site today but we have had an unexpected delivery ....... the windows, sliding doors, master suite balcony doors and some cavity slider door frames have arrived. Initially we had thought to pick black frames as the colour choice here in Qld was quite limited, no fancy colorbond range for us oh no just black, silver/aluminium, white, a creamy colour and a golden brown which is neither gold nor brown (confused?). Any way when choosing the window frames we had only considered what it would look like from the outside of the house next to the bricks and not what it would look like from inside next to off white walls. Once we had stopped to think about this for a nano second we came to the conclusion that the black would be too much of a contrast inside and could end up looking very heavy so instead went for the silver aluminium. If we had the colorbond range our first choice would have been dune to match with the rest of the external colour scheme.
Now that we have seen the windows made up the silver colour looks alright but it's hard to tell exactly what they will look like until they are installed and the build is further along. Fingers crossed that we made the right choice. The windows including the master suite balcony doors on the front elevation of the house have grey tinted glass as this aspect of the house looks like it will catch the hot afternoon summer sun as it is almost west facing. The other windows are just clear and for the bathrooms and powder room we have a contemporary obscured, translucent privacy glass called satin lite with a pattern made up of very fine lines (an upgrade) rather than the standard dots pattern.

Cavity Sliding Doors (To Be Stained) and Rear Garage Door

Downstairs Windows and Laundry Sliding Door

Upstairs Windows and Balcony French Doors

Kitchen Splash Back Window
The ground floor roof sections on the garage and outdoor room have been tiled and first fix continues slowly.
First Fix Powder Room

Dishwasher and Sink This Will Be In The Island Bench

Bathroom Double Vanity Area

Garage Tiled

Grand Outdoor Room With Tiles

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  1. Looking good. I got a house going up next door to me, I kid you not, they started the first week of June and they are at Gyprocking stage. It just goes to show how many inefficiencies Metricon have with scheduling tradies.