Monday, July 11, 2011

Knock Knock...Who's There?

It's our Corinthian pivot front door that's who!
The front door turned up on site earlier than expected so to ensure it didn't get damaged or stolen the SS has had it installed. And I must say it looks fantastic. It was so much fun pushing the door open and stepping inside, gave me a real feel for how my home would be once completed.

So what's been happening:
Roof tiling for the main roof and pointing almost completed.
First fix for elecricals has started with all the power point and socket frames being screwed on and earth wired. Must check our plans to ensure everything is in the right place.
Oh yes and the front door.

What will be happening:
First fix for plumbing
Continuation of electric install
Air conditioning ducting to go in
More roofing

When we were down on site on Thursday the guys from Scope scaffolding turned up and let us go up the ladder (apparently the hatch only looks locked if you get my drift).....
Wow wow and another wow this is the first time we have been upstairs and it is better than I anticipated. The master suite is huge, Hollywood robe, big windows, massive en suite and we have amazing views out over the fields. Impressed with the sizes of the other 3 bedrooms which also have great vistas (might be different once a few more houses are built!) and the leisure area it is super spacious, I can just see us all kicking back watching movies in our PJ's. The house is going to be breath taking.

I'm also very impressed with the steel frame it is extremely sturdy plus it won't warp like wood or be a diner snack for those every hungry pesky white ants.

The house is progressing along at a nice pace, quick enough to allow us to see that things are happening but slowly enough for us to feel satisfied that it is being done properly.

Up Up and Away - There Go The Tiles


Boral Linea Tile in Charcoal

Hi Honey I'm Home! The Front Door Chilling In The Family Room

Socket Point and Earth

The View Partially Obscured By Roof Scaffolding

Yummy Tiles
The Plantation homes house a couple of lots over is half bricked already ( they started 3 days before us) but it looks like the house is being thrown up without much attention to detail, quality control and finish. I want a great job not a rush job so am absolutely content with the time frame so far.

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