Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sparkies and Spaghetti

Phew it's mad down on site can't turn your back for a second. The sparkies are back. There are electrical wires being run everywhere, it looks like we have a spaghetti house. Sandy managed to persuade the electrician to lower the power points in the garage even though he had already run and trimmed the wires, so this meant he had to re do them. Apparently they put them up high (1200mm) because they think you are going to have a work bench or hose the garage floor, at first he said he'd only lower them to 500mm so we could hose. Now I have had a garage for the last 10 years and have never had the urge to hose it once (we have also had water restrictions remember). Sandy explained she sweeps the floor and wants the sockets at standard 300mm - after all it is our house so in the end the electrician agreed. Good job!

The ducting and tubing for the air conditioning is also being installed at the same time so its all go at our place today.

The SS called to give me a progress report and introduce himself as we hadn't spoken with each other yet. After a little chat I mentioned about the the bi folds and he agreed they were installed backwards but indicated that no they would not be flush to the tiles like we had been told at our colour selections. I explained to him that is what we wanted, what we had paid for and how they appear in the display homes. He informed me that the ones in the display homes have several more coats of lacquer on to protect them and he wasn't sure if he dropped them down that they would meet quality assurance. I explained we want what we have paid for and if these means we need to have more coats to protect the wood then so be it. As we have the QA on Monday he is going to check then and get back to me. I also asked if he'd seen the mismatched glass in the bathroom window which he reassured me was no problem, the manufacturers sometimes run out and put in what they have so the windows can be on site in time. It will be changed later.

Some detective work is in order to see if the frames for bi-folds do actually sit flush to the tiles or not so Sandy has driven over to Underwood to take photos, measurements and ask questions with our CSC Greg (a top bloke by the way) who helped us through contract and prebuild. And yes you've guessed it they are totally flush! So if they can do it there we want it on our house - no silly toe stubbing raised bits please.
Does anyone out there have know if it can be done or have bi folds where the tiling or carpet is flush to the frame?

San and Revi - I see you have had your site scrape done. Fantastic.

The other Metricon houses on site will be a soho, a trentham, 2 newhavens and possibly a lindrum next door to us but we don't think it will fit as it is too long. Thanks to Greg for letting us know.

Next: The bricks and gyprock will be delivered tomorrow and the Quality Assessment inspection (QA) will be happening on Monday.

Air Con or Alien

Extractor Vent?


  1. Hi, looking good. We also went with recessed door tracks for our bi folds and stacker doors. They should be marked on your floor plan and a rebate whould have bene done on the slab when poured. Is this not the case with you guys. Cheers San

  2. Yes we have a recess/rebate in the slab but they have mounted the doors too high. In fact they' ve propped them up by almost the height of the rebate so what was the point of having one in the first place. We looked on Duce's website and all the pictures of their doors show them sitting flush. Hopefully we can sort it out with TC the site supervisor. This is what they have in the show houses and what they tell you you are paying for so as the customer it is what we expect to get. Not an unreasonable expectation I believe! I'd be checking your doors very carefully if I were you when the time comes .

  3. We sure will, can't believe they did that. On a side note, we originally had TC as our SS, it changed last minute to JF.

  4. That's funny we started with JF and now have TC. Yes I can't believe they've done that either