Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Windows In

I'm at work so haven't actually seen it for myself (no photos for you yet) but the windows have been installed and the back door for the garage is in. Wow they really don't hang around do they, once something is on site it gets installed. That's good though as it means things don't get damaged or stolen. Sandy tells me the house looks excellent so hopefully I'll have chance for a quick look see tomorrow lunchtime so I can check it out for myself and take some photos.

News flash: we have been allocated a new Site Supervisor! From reading other Metricon build blogs this appears to be quite a growing trend and we're hoping that we don't have a whole series of different SS's for our build. Apparently it is because Metricon are now building so many homes here they have endeavoured to give their SS's build close together so they don't have to rush from one side of Brisbane to another to keep an eye on things, which makes sense. Let's hope the new guy is as nice and as organised as the previous one.

The house is progressing beautifully and the whole family is very excited ...... the bricks arrive next week. Yippeeee.

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