Friday, August 5, 2011

Cornices and Wet Areas

Phew the plasterers are gone and the house feels much better now its been cleaned up.

The brickies are like machines, I can not get over how much they do each day. The scaffolding should arrive today so that up upstairs can get blue wrapped before more bricks and the cladding goes on. According to the SS there is some capping that needs to be be installed once the bricks are finished. And as this is made to measure it can only be ordered once the bricks are completed so that means a short wait and no more progress outside until that arrives. No problem there as there is plenty to do inside.

This house just doesn't stop! At this rate we will be in by Christmas (not that we have put a deadline on it to be in by then). When we popped in it was great to find the wet areas have been boarded and the cornices have been started, just a lovely guy on his own who reckons it'll take him two days. He told us he likes to work by himself then there's no one getting in his way or making a mess. I agree. It was refreshing to see him take so much pride in his why can't all tradies be like that?

I will post some progress phots over the weekend.

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