Thursday, August 25, 2011

Locked Out

Sandy went on a quick spy mission early morning yesterday to check on progress however she didn't have the camera with her.
But I can report that the exterior cladding for upstairs has been started, along with the sofits (the eaves bit) and the vanity unit is in its rightful spot, taking pride of place in the centre of the ensuite wall. Phew they did it and apparently it looks perfect. The has been some explorations through the boards as they have been searching out the electrics so as to put the socket and light over the vanity in the correct places too. A bit of patchwork to the boarding will be needed so that it looks like nothing ever happened.
The architraves are finished and more of the doors have been hung.
Later in the afternoon we returned with camera at the ready only to find we were locked out! (Did contemplate trying to squeeze through a window but its so muddy on site after the rain that the likelihood of a slip and fall moment was to high so gave it a miss).

So we'll all have to make do with a couple of cladding shots instead.

Rear of House Cladded

Cladding Close Up and Sofits

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