Monday, August 8, 2011

Stairway To Heaven?

The stairs are being installed today and the rails should go in tomorrow once everything has had chance to set. It's looking brilliant.There is a plywood cover on each of the treads to protect them from damage that may happen due to tradies tramping and stomping all over them; much to Sandy's relief.
The doors, architraves and door jambs also arrived on site today ready to be installed at the end of the week. The kitchen cabinets will be arriving in the next day or two and the wet areas get waterproofed this week as well. I know all this as the SS called this afternoon just to say Hi and update us on progress so in a nutshell everything looks as if it is going to plan and happening on schedule. Fantastic!
Timber Stairs Installed

View Up The Stairs

Stairs From Living Room Opening

Banister Rails

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